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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5k fun with my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! part 1!!!!!!

I'm so proud of myself!!!!!!! Last weekend I participated in a 5k fun run with my mom.

Me and my mom followed this awesome training website. (You can find the link in one of my earlier posts.) We ran a lot. 

Preparing for the race:
The night before the race I laid out the outfit I was going to wear.   

 That night:
I made sure I went to bed early and got my beauty sleep.

What's for breakfast:
For breakfast I had eggs, sausage, buttered toast and orange juice.  I also had quite a lot of cold water. It's always great to have this breakfast before a big workout. It's so jam packed with energy. 

We got to the race really early but that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of people.

Packet pick up:
There were so many things to do but first we needed to get our packets.  So we headed over to the table. 
They gave us a tech shirt with the name of the race on the front, a race number and a blue little chip with number and letters on the side.

I had no clue what a chip was so my mom explained it to me. It's a computer chip they attach to your running shoe. It keeps track of how fast you ran the race.

This has been part 1 of 2  5k fun with my mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned next week for part 2!!!!!!